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My Trip to Sedona, AZ

Day 1 (October 26, 2022)

We arrived in the small airport in Flagstaff. When we went to get our car, the man at the counter was so delightful. He is a native of the area and told us all the wonderful places to go. He gave us a map and shared his suggestions, wrote down restaurants, etc.

Our first stop was Walnut Canyon. It was awe-inspiring and fascinating. We did the 200 step hike. There were all the remnants of cave homes built in the side of the Canyon. The Native Americans lived here 800 years ago. It is speculation that they moved on when there was a drought and most likely a lack of resources. I could envision their lives with lots of trekking up and down the canyon. There was no need for gyms back then.🤣 I also could see in the pictures how the bagua, that we use in feng shui, is founded deep in our biology.

We had an authentic Mexican dinner at Tapatio. I felt like my Cousin Betty, who passed away several years ago, was with me. I ordered cheese enchiladas and chile rellenos. She loved chili rellenos. And then we ordered sappadios, a decadent dessert, little triangular puffs with sprinkled sugar, chocolate, and caramel. 😋 I have not had this dessert in about 30 years, and only had it with my favorite aunt. I thought of her the whole meal.

Days 2-3 (October 27th & 28th, 2022)

Some interesting facts about the Grand Canyon:

1. It is over 6 millions of years old in some parts. The center is 1.8 billion years old. On average it is 10 miles across and 6000 feet deep. You begin to realize we are a blip in the creation of our planet.

2. Miners made very little $ and soon realized the $ to be made was in tourism.

3. At one point the park was overrun by donkeys left by the miners. The park service was going to kill some but animal activists objected. So they decided to relocate them. 583 donkeys were lifted by air and brought to boats at a cost of $1000 per donkey. It is reported that people stopped drinking when they saw “donkeys fly.” 🤣

4. Ralph Cameron was a greedy human who claimed much of the Canyon and then charged a toll for people to go down it. The National Park Service, in 1924, made trails to avoid this. In 1928 the National Park Service took over.

5. There are 5 different ecosystems in the Grand Canyon. The North and South Rim have entirely different eco systems. The North is much colder and wetter. Therefore it is closed half of the year. A pipeline from the North to the South supplies water. It is being upgraded now.

6. The Colorado River winds 277 miles long.

7. Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter was the architect for many of the buildings. They look like they fit right into the landscape. She was very hands-on and directed where each boulder should be placed.

Day 4 (October 29th, 2022)

Last night we went to the Lowell Observatory. I felt like I was living history. I had actually read about this observatory and the discovery of Pluto during a lesson in the High School at which I work. It was a crisp clear night. I was able to see Saturn with its rings and Jupiter, as well as star clusters.

Lowell lived from 1855-1916 and bought the land to make an observatory. 11 years after his death, Abbot Laurence Lowell, President of Harvard, donated $ to build the Clark telescope. Stanley Sykes built it out of scraps such as sewer pipes in 1896. It is still impressive. I observed Jupiter through this telescope. Hopefully I have my facts right- it was dark.

Today we went to Jerome, a former copper mining town-turned-ghost town. Most things were not open yet but it was still kind of cool and the views driving were breathtaking! Lots of saloons.

From there we went to Red Rock State Park for a magnificent hike. Next we went to Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. This is a powerful vortex site and the stupa was constructed with prayers and reverence. I could have stayed there all day, it was so peaceful.

On to another Mexican restaurant and shopping at Tlaquepaque. Beautiful shops and the architecture was magnificent.

Day 5 (October 30th, 2022)

We started our day with scrumptious croissants.

We went to the Church of the Holy Cross. To me, the best part was the views on the way up. On the way down, it turns out, both Sue and I noticed light shimmering through a woman’s blue curls. It was like this aura around her head.

Next we took a hike up to the Bell Rock Vista vortex. We laid on the rocks and took in our environment.

We drove to the airport and decided to eat at the Mesa Grill. There was going to be a 40-minute wait so we took a walk to the overlook. The woman with the blue hair aura and her friend were right behind us. We struck up a conversation and immediately connected. When they called to say our table was ready I asked if we could have a table for 4 instead of 2. We ate a delicious lunch with our new friends.

They told us about a wellness fair and this woman to connect with. She did a ceremony with us outside that was so powerful! A coyote ran by right as we were starting and then there was a group of four ravens cawing and changing formation. When it was complete I felt so light and clear. She and I both had a connection to Denise Linn and we’re both Soul Coaches.®

We went back to the airport for the sunset. Went to the natural grocers. And I finally finished the day with a jacuzzi.

Day 6 (October 31st, 2022)

My day started with a sunrise vision quest. I was drawn to one particular spot. When I settled in, I realized it had perfect feng shui. The mountain was behind me with arms wrapped on both sides and I had a vista view in front of me. It was very powerful!

Sue and I then went on a 8.5 mile hike around Boynton Canyon. It was absolutely gorgeous!

After our shower we putzed around town going into shops. We’re waiting, now, to have dinner with friends who happen to be here at the same time as us!

Day 7 (November 1st, 2022)

We loved our hike so much yesterday that we decided to repeat it. Mescal Mountain had amazing views, very few people, and mostly flat.

From there we went into Cottonwood for a delicious lunch and fabulous shopping; way better than downtown Sedona. We spent quite a bit, but we’re excited about our purchases. We bought clothes made in Morocco.

We ended our time with massages. I got an Ayurvedic massage with warm scented oil. Oh my goodness; ecstasy! I need to find a place in CT. Does anyone know one?

Thank you for following along on my trip to Sedona, AZ.

Next up: Morocco!

-Susan R. Schlank

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