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From working with what you already own to designing a whole new space, I’m here to help. Using my background in feng shui, interior design, space clearing and soul coaching. I have a deep understanding of the homes and their relationship to people's lives. Get in touch to book a consultation either on site or remotely.


About my service

Designing a home that nurtures your soul can be challenging. I’m here to work with you. I am able to work in any style and can help you find what's right for you. We are all spending more time in our homes, so make your home your sanctuary. I have been doing home consultations for over 20 years. I am also available for talks and workshops. Get in touch to start enjoying my services today.

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Testimonials from My Clients

Since consulting with clients, many of their lives have changed. Read some of their testimonials below.


"Thanks to you and your advice, life at home has become beautiful. Our little home at the end of the road is a quiet sanctuary away from the rest of the world."

Joann Hodge

"My home was suffocating me. Susan helped me clear the clutter and make room for the sacred. My home has now become a place of peace and tranquility. Now I love my life as it is reflected in my home. My children and my husband are thrilled. At first when I made changes my daughters cried, 'Why can't you leave everything alone!' And then they saw the beauty of simplicity and order and begged to have their rooms 'done.'"

Kathy Gniedek

"This is to thank you for your work with me and what is already occurring because of it. Thank you, Susan, for lighting a rocket under my life."

Laura Deming

"It inspired me to declutter. I feel much more organized. It sparked a new feeling. It got me thinking, 'Wow, I haven't changed anything in 15 years.' It made everyone in the family feel important. Its nice to have a change."

Debbie Kohan

"Susan has great insight into design and decor. I consulted with her to refresh our apartment and make it feel more cohesive. We worked with the existing elements of our home and completely transformed the space. Immediately afterward, I remember feeling a beautiful energy and calm that has remained to this day. She taught me useful principles of color selection, room and decor arrangement, and art hanging. That I continue to use today."

Faraneh Carnegie-Hargreaves

"Since moving into our home over 5 years ago, our family room lacked coziness. With a sofa and a couple of side chairs, we had room to seat six (and there's only two of us on a daily basis) but the room wasn't comfortable for either entertaining a small group or lounging on the couch to watch TV. The room also didn't work well with an adjoining, more formal, living room. So when it came time to replace the sofa, I called Susan for help figuring out how to configure these two rooms to add both coziness and functionality. Susan made suggestions on furniture arrangement to better align the two rooms, and as we shopped for a new sofa, she was invaluable in helping me to figure out what I liked and what I didn't. The result is a family room that we love - whether it's just the two of us or a small gathering of friends - as well as an adjoining room we now use for board games and puzzles. I am so grateful to Susan for her help!"

Karen K


Testimonials from My Students

Feedback from workshops

"The workshop you did was informative, fun and empowering. You really brought energy perception and space clearing to life. The morning activities were amazing. I am reeling with excitement about the energy practice."

Susan Laforte

"Susan Schlank gave an illuminating workshop. Susan's workshop took my knowledge and awareness to a new level. It was a profound workshop and I took away many wonderful tools that I can use in my work and personal life."

Linda Varonee

"Your workshop gave me tools to deal with the fear that change brings. It has helped me focus on my intentions and given me strength even when the challenges seemed monumental. It's helped me hold onto the positive, even when the going is very tough."

Roberta Abell

"As a presenter, Susan is engaging and insightful. She introduces fresh and useful concepts of design and living in a manner that is accessible and fun. She is a joy to work with."

Fareneh Carnegie-Hargreaves


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